enigma golf shafts

High-tech premium shafts for drivers, fairway woods and hybrids

For many years the engineers of B.i.G. & Stealex GmbH have been involved in the development of golf products.
Thus, over a long period of time, golf products of the highest quality have been developed.
The enigma golf shaft is at the forefront of this development.

This product combines two different materials in such a way that the result is an extremely homogeneous shaft. A very high quality carbon fibre is joined and processed with a very stable aramid fibre using a unique "composite pressing technique". We call this process Carbon Light Metal Technology (CLMT).

The result is an enormous stability in the shaft,
which you will feel immediately.

New variants available now

In addition to our uncut versions, we now have enigma women's (44 inch) and men's (45 inch) shafts with white Pure Pro Standard grip including adapters in our range.

Just choose the model of your choice and you can start right away without any further adjustments!